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Getting Started

To start using the control you only need to add a RadPictureBox control to the form either at design time by dragging it from the toolbox and dropping it into the form or via code. From the smart tag you can dock the control in parent's container.

By default, the control is shown with no image icon:


Customize default look when there is no image

You can use the DefaultSvgImage/DefaultImage and DefaultText properties to customize both the image icon and text according to your needs:

this.radPictureBox1.DefaultSvgImage = RadSvgImage.FromFile(@"..//..//PictureBox//noimage.svg");
this.radPictureBox1.DefaultText = "No image available";

Me.RadPictureBox1.DefaultSvgImage = RadSvgImage.FromFile("..//..//PictureBox//noimage.svg")
Me.RadPictureBox1.DefaultText = "No image available"


Load an image

To load an image in RadPictureBox control you can use SvgImage or Image property:

  • Load an image:
this.radPictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile(@"..//..//PictureBox//emoticon-happy.png");

Me.RadPictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile("..//..//PictureBox//emoticon-happy.png")

  • Load SVG image:
this.radPictureBox1.SvgImage = RadSvgImage.FromFile(@"..//..//PictureBox//emoticon-happy.svg");

Me.RadPictureBox1.SvgImage = RadSvgImage.FromFile("..//..//PictureBox//emoticon-happy.svg")


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