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Viewer Modes

There are three FixedDocumentViewerModes which specify the behavior of RadPdfViewer when you left-click in the document and move the mouse around (without releasing the left button of the mouse):

  • None: The control does nothing;

  • Pan: The document is scrolled in the respective direction;

Figure 1: Pan

WinForms RadPdfViewer Pan

  • TextSelection – selection is initiated, which stops when you release the button of the mouse;

Figure 2: TextSelection

WinForms RadPdfViewer TextSelection

Specify the Viewer Mode Using UI

The viewer mode can be changed using the RadPdfViewerNavigator (as shown in the picture).

Figure 3: Using the UI

WinForms RadPdfViewer Using the UI

Specify the Viewer Mode in Code

The mode of the viewer is set using the ViewerMode property:

With Code

this.radPdfViewer1.ViewerMode = FixedDocumentViewerMode.TextSelection;

Me.RadPdfViewer1.ViewerMode = FixedDocumentViewerMode.TextSelection

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