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Getting Started

Getting Started with RadTimePicker for WinForms
This video demonstrates the new RadTimePicker control as well as several properties you should be aware of.
editors-timepicker-overview 003

This tutorial will demonstrate how to get started with RadTimePicker control, its functionalities and customization abilities:

  • Drag RadTimePicker from the toolbox to the form.

  • Modify the desired minute’s interval by setting the Step property.

  • Set hour format by modifying the Culture property. For example "en-US" uses 12 hour format while “en-GB” uses 24 hour format.

  • Set the ClockPosition property to ClockAboveTables to display the clock on the top of the popup.

  • Set the CloseButtonText to some string – “Close window”

  • If needed you can set the NullText property this is the text which will be displayed in the control value is null

Here is how the control will look like, after the modifications:


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