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Property Description
Value Used to get or set the control value. It accepts an object of type DateTime, where only the time part is taken under consideration.
Culture Determines the language of the drop down and the editable area. From here you can control if the format is 12 ("en-US") or 24 hours ("en-UK").
CloseButtonText Gets or sets the text of the button in the drop down
RowHeight Gets or sets the height of the rows in the hour/minutes tables in the drop down.
ColumnsCount Gets or sets the number of the columns in the hour/minutes tables in the drop down.
HeadersHeight Gets or sets the size of the headers (clock, hours and minutes headers) in the drop down.
ButtonPanelHeight Sets or gets the height of the buttons panel at the bottom of the drop down.
TableWidth Gets or sets the width of the hours and minutes tables in the drop down.
ClockPosition Gets or sets the position of the clock according to the tables. Currently possible options – ClockBeforeTables, ClockAboveTables and HideClock.
TimeTables Allows you to choose between one table or two tables to display both hours and minutes.
Step Gets or sets the minutes step.
ReadOnly Makes the control read only – can’t type in it, or change its value from the UI. Also the drop down cannot be opened.
NullText This property determines the text displayed in RadTimePicker when the Value is null.
MaxValue Get or set the maximal time value assigned to the control.
MinValue Get or set the minimal time value assigned to the control.
TimePickerElement Gives access the RadTimePickerElement.


Events Description
ValueChanging Cancelable event, occurs when the value is changing.
ValueChanged occurs when the value is changed.
TimeCellFormatting occurs when a cell is being created/shown. Used for formatting the cell’s appearance.

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