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Getting Started with WinForms CalculatorDropDown

The following example demonstrates how to set up RadCalculatorDropDown with a minmum popup width and height.

Figure 1: Before

WinForms RadCalculatorDropDown Before

1. Drag a RadCalculatorDropDown on a form.

2. In the constructor of your form add the following code:

int desiredWidth = this.radCalculatorDropDown1.Width;
this.radCalculatorDropDown1.CalculatorElement.MinPopupWidth = desiredWidth;
this.radCalculatorDropDown1.CalculatorElement.MinPopupHeight = desiredWidth;

Dim desiredWidth As Integer = Me.RadCalculatorDropDown1.Width
Me.RadCalculatorDropDown1.CalculatorElement.MinPopupWidth = desiredWidth
Me.RadCalculatorDropDown1.CalculatorElement.MinPopupHeight = desiredWidth

3. Press F5 to run the application. Click the arrow button to open the drop-down. Notice its size equaling that of the editor.

Figure 2: After

WinForms RadCalculatorDropDown After

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