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This article describes the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadCalculatorDropDown control.

RadCalculatorDropDown consists of two parts - editable part which is the actual editor and a popup hosting the calculator.

Figure 1: RadCalculatorDropDown`s Element Hierarchy

WinForms RadCalculatorDropDown Element Hierarchy

Figure 2: RadCalculatorDropDown Structure

WinForms RadCalculatorDropDown Structure

Editable Area

The editable area consists of three elements:

  • Editable Area: Contains the editor repsponsible for handling user input.

    • RadCalculatorMemoryElement: This element gets visible when the memory functions of the calculator are used.

    • RadCalculatorEditorContentElement: This is the editable area of the control.

    • RadCalculatorArrowButtonElement: This the arrow button which opens the popup of the control.

The popup part consists of six elements:

  • Drop-Down: Handles the arithmetic operations.

    • RadCalculatorMemoryButtonElement: This is the type of the buttons for memory operations

    • RadCalculatorOperationButtonElement: This type is used by the buttons resposinble for different calculation operations (subscription, addition, etc).

    • RadCalculatorEqualsButtonElement: This class is used by the equals button.

    • RadCalculatorCommandButtonElement: This class is used by the command buttons (CE, C).

    • RadCalculatorDeleteButtonElement: This type is used by the delete button.

    • RadCalculatorDigitButtonElement: This type is used by the digit buttons.

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