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Properties, Methods and Events

Property Description
Delimeter Gets or sets the delimiter used to tokenize the text.
ShowRemoveButton Gets or sets a value indicating whether the remove button of tokenized text blocks should appear.
Items Gets the tokenized items.
AutoCompleteMode Gets or sets an option that controls how automatic completion works for the TextBox.
AutoCompleteValueMember Gets or sets a property name which will be used to extract a value from the data items.
AutoCompleteDataSource Gets or sets a value specifying the source of complete items used for automatic completion.
AutoCompleteDisplayMember Gets or sets the auto complete display member.
Multiline Gets or sets a value indicating whether this is a multi-line text box.
AllowDuplicates Gets or sets whether already selected items can be suggested.
Event Description
TokenValidating Occurs when text is validating as token.
CreateTextBlock Occurs when an instance of ITextBlock is created.
TextBlockFormatting Allows you to change the styles if the text blocks.
TextChanging Occurs when the text is changing.
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