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Displaying Multiple RadDesktopAlert Instances on the Screen

You can easily display multiple alerts on the screen thanks to the DesktopAlertManager which takes care to calculate the alerts’ location so that they do not overlap. When shown on the screen, an alert is first registered in the DesktopAlertManager which calculates its location based on the ScreenPosition setting and the other desktop alerts shown on the screen having the same ScreenPosition setting. In this way, alerts with the same screen position are stacked on the screen in the order of their appearance. When an alert is closed, all related alerts visible are automatically relocated to optimally utilize the screen estate.

Multiple Screens Scenarios

RadDesktopAlert is designed to support multi-monitor environments. Currently, you can set the active monitor and all desktop alerts will be displayed on it. To do so, you need to specify which of your screens will be used as an active screen when positioning desktop alert pop ups. To do so, you can use the SetActiveScreen method of the DesktopAlertManager class. This way all desktop alerts will be positioned on the specified screen regarding their ScreenPosition.

When calling the SetActiveScreen method all currently visible alerts are relocated to the newly specified screen whereby their ScreenPosition setting is considered.

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