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DefaultLabelValue specifies a format for label values that will be displayed automatically if you do not specifically assign text to a chart series item.

  • Use "#Y" or "#X" to display numbers from the X or Y axis respectively

  • Use "#%" for a percentage of the total sum (of all items).

  • Use "#SUM" to display the total of all items. 

  • "#STSUM" displays the sum of a stacked series.

  • "#SERIES" displays the series name.

  • "#ITEM" displays the item name.

  • You can also use the formatting described in this MSDN article Standard Numeric Format Strings. Use curly brackets to contain the standard numeric formats.  For example, you can display Y values as currency by setting DefaultLabelValue to "#Y{C}". See examples in the figure below.

WinForms RadChart DefaultLabelValue

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