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BarOverlapPercent and BarWidthPercent

In bar charts with multiple series BarOverlapPercent governs to what degree the bars will overlap the preceding bar series. If you enter a negative value for BarOverlapPercent , a gap appears between the bars of different series. Overlapping is especially useful when a long series of items needs to fit in a small-size chart.

BarWidthPercent controls how much space each bar takes up so that a BarWidthPercent of 100 will have all the bars in the chart taking exactly all the available width.

The maximum bar width is calculated as follows: bar width = axis length / bars count .

See the examples below to see how these two properties work together.

chart-undestanding-radchart-elements-baroverlappercent-and-barwidthpercent 001

chart-undestanding-radchart-elements-baroverlappercent-and-barwidthpercent 002

chart-undestanding-radchart-elements-baroverlappercent-and-barwidthpercent 003

chart-undestanding-radchart-elements-baroverlappercent-and-barwidthpercent 004

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