Visual Studio Test Explorer

The Test Explorer in Visual Studio discovers and runs tests, including Test Studio Dev tests.

To open Test Explorer go to Test > Windows > Test Explorer:

Test tab

Test Explorer lists the Test Studio Dev tests within the currently opened solution with their execution status in the Test Explorer. Thus a test executed with the Quick Execution Test Runner will still remain Not Run in the Test Explorer until it is executed.

Test Explorer

Note! Ensure the project is re-built before initiating a run from the VS Test Explorer. Any recent changes will not be reflected otherwise.

Test Studio Dev tests can be sorted in the Test Explorer by:

  • Outcome - sorts tests in Passed, Failed, Not Run categories.
  • Project - in case more than one Test Studio Dev project is included in the solution the tests will be sorted by project.
  • Duration - sort the executed tests by the test run duration.

VS Test Explorer Sort By

Run the tests with the Run All button. Or choose a group of tests to run from the dropdown options of the Run... button in Test Explorer.

VS Test Explorer Run Tests

Test Explorer allows you to run all tests previously sorted in a group (Outcome, Project and Duration are the applicable categories for Test Studio Dev tests).

VS Test Explorer Run Selected Tests

Note! By default VS Test Explorer does not use the default Test Studio Dev settings. To be able to use the default or apply new settings a project settings file is required.

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