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Changing Edit Mode Behavior in DataGrid for MAUI


Property Value
Product DataGrid for MAUI
Version 6.7.0


I want to modify the behavior of the RadDataGrid in my .NET Maui application so that it enters edit mode with a single click instead of requiring a double-click.


To achieve this, you can use a custom CellTap command called CellTapUserCommand. Here's an example of how to implement it:

public class CellTapUserCommand : DataGridCommand
    public CellTapUserCommand()
        Id = DataGridCommandId.CellTap;

    public override bool CanExecute(object parameter)
        return true;

    public override void Execute(object parameter)
        if (parameter is not DataGridCellInfo cellInfo)

        this.Owner.CommandService.ExecuteDefaultCommand(DataGridCommandId.CellDoubleTap, parameter);

To apply the CellTapUserCommand to your RadDataGrid, add it to the Commands collection:

this.dataGrid.Commands.Add(new CellTapUserCommand());

By utilizing this custom command, you can now enter edit mode with a single click on a cell in the RadDataGrid.

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