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.NET MAUI Regex Mask

To validate the user input as a standard (alphanumeric) user input against a regular expression, use the RegexMaskedEntry, which provides errors if the regular expression (regex) rule is not matched. The resulting value is a string.

Regex Usage
"[0-9]" a single digit
"[0-9]{1}" a single digit (required)
"[a-zA-Z]" a single letter
"[a-zA-Z]{1}" a single letter (required)
"\S" all symbols without space
"." all symbols
"[0-9a-zA-Z]" all without special symbols and space
"[0-9a-zA-Z ]" all without special symbols

The following example demonstrates how to set the RadRegexMaskedEntry:

<telerik:RadRegexMaskedEntry x:Name="regexMaskedEntry" Mask="^[a-z]$" Placeholder="^[a-z]$" AutomationId="regexMask"/>

The image below shows the end result.

.NET MAUI RegexMaskedEntry

For the MaskedEntry Regex Mask examples, go to the SDKBrowser Demo Application and navigate to MaskedEntry -> Mask Types category.

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