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.NET MAUI ImageEditor Localization

The Telerik ImageEditor for .NET MAUI provides localization support. In short, you can translate the text displayed in the toolbar items to other languages, so that your application can be adapted to different regions.

For more details about the localization process of Telerik UI for .NET MAUI components, refer to the common Globalization and Localization topic.

The table below shows the localization keys available for the ImageEditor control and their default values:

Localization Key Default Value
ImageEditor_Apply Apply
ImageEditor_AspectRatio Aspect Ratio
ImageEditor_AspectRatioLocked Lock aspect ratio
ImageEditor_Blur Blur
ImageEditor_Brightness Brightness
ImageEditor_Cancel Cancel
ImageEditor_Contrast Contrast
ImageEditor_Crop Crop
ImageEditor_CropCircle Circle
ImageEditor_CropFree Free
ImageEditor_CropOriginal Original
ImageEditor_CropOval Oval
ImageEditor_CropSquare Square
ImageEditor_Filters Filters
ImageEditor_FlipHorizontal Flip Horizontal
ImageEditor_FlipVertical Flip Vertical
ImageEditor_Height Height
ImageEditor_Hue Hue
ImageEditor_Ok Ok
ImageEditor_Redo Redo
ImageEditor_Resize Resize
ImageEditor_RotateLeft Rotate Left
ImageEditor_RotateRight Rotate Right
ImageEditor_Saturation Saturation
ImageEditor_Scale Scale
ImageEditor_Sharpen Sharpen
ImageEditor_Transformations Transformations
ImageEditor_Type Type
ImageEditor_Undo Undo
ImageEditor_Width Width
ImageEditor_ZoomToFit Zoom to Fit

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