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Animations in .NET MAUI BusyIndicator

The BusyIndicator provides options for controlling the size and color of its built-in animations and enables you to define custom animations.

Built-in Animations

To change the selected animation of the BusyIndicator, use its AnimationType property. AnimationType is an enum that accepts values from Animation1 to Animation10. By default, AnimationType is Animation1.

The animation will be displayed only when the IsBusy property is True.

BusyIndicator animations list

Controlling Size and Color

To change the size and color of the animated element (animation content), use the following properties:

  • AnimationContentWidthRequest and AnimationContentHeightRequest—Define the animation size.
  • AnimationColor—Customizes the color of the built-in animation.

AnimationContentWidthRequest, AnimationContentHeightRequest, and AnimationColor won't be applied if you use custom animations.

By default, the size of the animation content is 25x25 pixels.

The snippet below shows how to configure the predefined BusyIndicator animations.

<telerik:RadBusyIndicator x:Name="BusyIndicator"
        <Label Text="This is displayed when the indicator is not busy." 
               TextColor="Black" />

The image below shows the modified BusyIndicator in its busy state.

BusyIndicator Settings

Custom Animation

To create a custom animation, use a combination of the AnimationType, BusyContent, and Animations properties:

  1. To indicate to the control that you use a custom animation, set the AnimationType to Custom.

  2. Add the content that you want to animate to BusyContent.

  3. The custom animation is added to the Animations collection of the BusyIndicator.

The Animations(Collection of type RadAnimation)—Used when the AnimationType of the BusyIndicator control is Custom.

The following example demonstrates how to create a custom animation that changes the opacity of a text (blinking effect) in XAML and in C#.

<telerik:RadBusyIndicator x:Name="radBusyIndicator"
        <Label Text="This is the content of the RadBusyIndicator control displayed when the indicator is not busy." />
        <Label HorizontalOptions="Center"
               VerticalOptions="Center" />
RadDoubleAnimation annimation = new RadDoubleAnimation() { Duration = 800, From = 0.1, To = 1, PropertyPath = "Opacity", Target = radBusyIndicator.BusyContent, RepeatForever = true, AutoReverse = true };

    () =>
        this.radBusyIndicator.IsBusy = false;
        return false;

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