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DOC is the default target Binary file format developed by Microsoft for representing documents in Word 97 - 2003.


DOT is the Binary file format developed by Microsoft for representing templates in Word 97 - 2003.

Using DocFormatProvider

DocFormatProvider makes it easy to import a DOC or DOT file into a RadFlowDocument, preserving the entire document structure and formatting.

To use DocFormatProvider, you should add references to the assemblies listed below:

  • Telerik.Windows.Documents.Core.dll
  • Telerik.Windows.Documents.Flow.dll
  • Telerik.Windows.Documents.Flow.FormatProviders.Doc.dll
  • Telerik.Windows.Zip.dll


To import a DOC or DOT file, you should use the Import() method of DocFormatProvider.

Example 1: Import document from a file

RadFlowDocument document; 
using (Stream input = File.OpenRead("Sample.doc")) 
    DocFormatProvider provider = new DocFormatProvider(); 
    document = provider.Import(input); 

And here is how you can import a document from a byte array containing the document:

Example 2: Import document from a byte array

DocFormatProvider provider = new DocFormatProvider(); 
RadFlowDocument document = provider.Import(input); 

The resulting RadFlowDocument can be manipulated like any code-generated document.

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