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Formats and Conversion

RadWordsProcessing does not need any external dependencies in order to convert documents from/to the supported formats. The document model is independent from UI and can be used on the server side as well as on the client.

You can use RadWordsProcessing to convert among variety of formats. Below you can see a feature / format matrix that describes supported features by file format. The currently supported format are Docx, Doc & Dot (import only), Rtf, Html, Pdf (export only), and plain text, as plain text is excluded from the comparison.

Feature Docx Import Docx Export Doc Import Rtf Import Rtf Export Html Import Html Export PDF Export
Text Formatting
Font Properties 1
Text Style
Baseline Alignment
Paragraph Options
Text Alignment 2
Text Spacing
Text Indent
Borders n/a n/a
Page/Section options
Page Size and Position n/a n/a
Page Orientation n/a n/a
Page Breaks
Section Breaks n/a n/a
Watermark n/a n/a
Section Vertical Alignment n/a n/a
Page Numbering Settings n/a n/a
Table Support
Nested Tables
Merged Cells
Floating Tables
Inline Images
Floating Images 3 3
Styles Support
Built-in Styles
Conditional Table Styles
Lists Support
List Styles
Expression Fields
Date and Time Fields n/a 4 4
Merge fields n/a 4 4
Document Variables n/a 4 4
Other fields 5 5 5 5 n/a 4 4
Protection n/a
Track Changes
Other Elements
  1. Double Strikethrough is currently not supported.

  2. Justify alignment is currently not supported when exporting to PDF format, thus the content is exported with Left alignment.

  3. Floating images are treated as inline images when importing/exporting HTML.

  4. The result of the fields is exported as text.

  5. All fields are supported through custom code fields. More information is available here.

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