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TOA (Table of Authorities) Field

The TOA (Table of Authorities) field creates and inserts a table of authorities. The TOA field collects entries marked by TA (Table of Authorities Entry) fields.


Switches are a way for the code fragment to specify formatting for the result of the field. More information is available in the Syntax and Switches section of the Fields article.

Switch Description
\c "Category" Specifies the category of entries to collect in a table of authorities. This switch is required
\b Bookmark Collects entries only from the portion of the document marked by the specified bookmark.
\e "Separators" Specifies the characters (up to fifteen) that separate a table of authorities entry and its page number.
\f Removes the formatting of the entry text in the document from the entry in the table of authorities.
\g "Separators" Defines the abbreviated form of the entry.
\h Includes the category heading for the entries in a table of authorities.
\l Specifies the characters (up to fifteen) that separate multiple page references.
\p Replaces five or more different page references to the same authority with "passim".
\s Identifier Includes a number, such as a case number or section number, before the page number. The item must be numbered with a SEQ field, and Identifier must match the identifier in the SEQ field.
\d "Separator" Used with the \s switch, specifies the characters (up to fifteen) that separate the sequence numbers and page numbers.


Inserting this field is easily achieved through the RadFlowDocumentEditor's InsertField() method. It accepts code as argument.

Example 1 demonstrates how you can insert a TOA field.

Example 1: Insert TOA field

var document = new RadFlowDocument(); 
var editor = new RadFlowDocumentEditor(document); 
editor.InsertField("TOA \h \c \"3\" \p"); 
In order to obtain the pages of TA fields, BookmarkRangeStart, and BookmarkRangeEnd fields you need to set the FlowExtensibilityManager.NumberingFieldsProvider.

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