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Using NumberingFieldsProvider

The NumberingFieldsProvider is used for calculating the layout of the document. This is necessary when updating the fields values. For example to calculate the total number of pages.


To use the default implementation of the NumberingFieldsProvider you need to reference the Telerik.Documents.Flow.FormatProviders.Pdf assembly.

Setting the default implementation

The default provider can be set with the following code:

Example 1: Register the default NumberingFieldsProvider

 FlowExtensibilityManager.NumberingFieldsProvider = new NumberingFieldsProvider(); 

Using the RegisterNumberingStyleConverter

This method allows you to use a custom numbering style converter.

Example 2: Register custom NumberingStyleConverter

NumberingFieldsProvider numberingFieldsProvider = new NumberingFieldsProvider(); 
numberingFieldsProvider.RegisterNumberingStyleConverter(NumberingStyle.ChineseCounting, new NumberingStyleConverter()); 
The NumberingStyleConverter must implement the INumberingStyleConverter interface which has one method that takes a number and converts it to a string.
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