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TA (Table of Authorities Entry) Field

The TA (Table of Authorities Entry) field defines the text and page number for a table of authorities entry.


{ TA [Switches ] }


Switches are a way for the code fragment to specify formatting for the result of the field. More information is available in the Syntax and Switches section of the Fields article.

Switch Description
\b Applies bold formatting to the page number for the entry.
\c "Category" Specifies the entry category. The number determines how citations are grouped in tables of authorities.
\i Makes the entry's page number italic.
\l "Long" Defines the long citation for the entry in the table of authorities.
\r Bookmark Inserts as the entry's page number the range of pages marked by the specified bookmark.
\s "Short" Defines the abbreviated form of the entry.


Inserting this field is easily achieved through the RadFlowDocumentEditor's InsertField() method. It accepts code as argument.

Example 1 demonstrates how you can insert a TA field.

Example 1: Insert TA field

var document = new RadFlowDocument(); 
var editor = new RadFlowDocumentEditor(document); 
editor.InsertField("TA \"Item\" \b"); 
This type of field does not have a result but when updated the switches are applied to the text.

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