Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC

List of common problems and suggested solutions.

Problem: The chart graphics do not render in Internet Explorer

Chart IEIntranet

A security message suggesting you to enable Intranet settings might appear.

You do not need to follow the steps below if you choose to enable Intranet settings.

Suggested actions

  • Set the following option to "Enable" in Internet Explorer: "Internet Options -> Security -> Internet (or Local intranet) -> Custom Level -> Binary and script behaviors"
    IEScrip Behaviors

Problem: The chart does not render with JavaScript disabled

Telerik Chart for ASP.NET MVC requires JavaScript to run.

Suggested actions

  • Enable JavaScript.

Problem: The chart does not render on some mobile devices/tablets

The browser must support SVG. The following mobile browsers are supported:

  1. iOS Safari 3.2 and up
  2. Opera Mobile 10.0 and up
  3. Android 3.0 and up