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Mouse Manager Class

The Mouse manager class is used to simulate moving the physical mouse and performing various types of mouse clicks. It has the following properties:

Property Brief Description
MouseMoveIntervalTime Gets/Sets the mouse interval time between mouse moves. The default is set at 15msec. Typically you don't need to change this. If you want to configure the speed of the mouse move, use the Settings.SimulatedMouseMoveSpeed.

It also has the following properties:

Method Brief Description
CalculateOffset Calculates the offset from the rectangles given a reference.
Click Simulate a mouse click event.
DetectHotSpot Given a rectangle and optionally a cursor, this function will detect the cursor change.
DragDrop Simulates a mouse drag and drop operation.
GetCursorHandle Gets the current Win32 cursor handle.
HoverOver Simulates a mouse hover over operation.
MatchCursor Tests whether or not the current mouse handle matches a specified handle. Can be used to check if the current mouse cursor is a particular value.
Move Move the mouse from the start to the end location.
TurnWheel Simulates moving the mouse wheel by a specified delta.
ValidateNonNegativePoint Validate that the specified point coordinates is non-negative. If it is negative, it will be reset to zero.
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