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The Desktop Manager Class

The Desktop manager class is used to control interaction between the Windows desktop and the browser. It also contains instances of the Keyboard and Mouse managers. It has the following properties:

Property Brief Description
KeyBoard Gets the keyboard object that enables simulating real keyboard events.
Mouse Gets the mouse object that enables simulating real mouse events.
ValidateMouseActionsWithinBrowserContent Gets/Sets whether to validate all mouse actions to ensure they are within the browser's content window. If this is set to true, any mouse action outside that region will throw an exception.

It also has the following methods:

Method Brief Description
DisableAutoDomRefresh The most recent launched browser instance. You can use it to invoke actions, access the loaded document DOM and perform element identification an extraction using the Browser.Find object.
EnableAutoDomRefresh Enables the Desktop Mouse/Keyboard objects to perform auto DOM refreshes after Click/DragDrop/SendKey actions.
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