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Configure Browser In Code

Apart from manually configuring each of the browsers for test execution this could be also accomplished in code.

//declare string variable to write possible errors in 
string error;
// to configure FireFox
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.FireFox, out error);
// to configure Chrome
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.Chrome, out error);
// to configure IE
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.InternetExplorer, out error);
// to configure Safari
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.Safari, out error);
// to configure Edge
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.MicrosoftEdge, out error);
Dim error As String
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.FireFox, error)
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.Chrome, error)
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.InternetExplorer, error)
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.Safari, error)
Manager.ConfigureBrowser(BrowserType.MicrosoftEdge, error)
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