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I get the following error when executing an automation script in Telerik Test Studio:

'ExecuteCommand failed! InError set by the client. Client Error: Protocol error (Runtime.evaluate): Promise was collected BrowserCommand'

The error occurs on a click step. Although the button is clicked and the action is performed as expected, the step fails.


The cause of the error is related to some mis-synchronization between the speed of executing the steps and the page responsiveness.


To troubleshoot this issue try the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you are using the latest version of Telerik Test Studio. If not, upgrade to the latest version and rerun the test to check if the error persists.

  2. If the error still occurs, open the properties of the failing click step and enable the SimulateRealClick property. Run the test again and observe the outcome.

  3. If the test continues failing, revise the complete scenario and insert enough wait and verify steps to ensure the state of the application before sending next actions. Optionally, you may also need to add execution delays.


Find out further useful examples for synchronizing the speed of executing the test steps to match the page responsiveness.

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