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Understand Exported Load Results

The Test Studio Load Test Analysis Screen displays graphical results. If you export your load test results in HTML or .XLSX format, the results appear as a table. This document contains tips on interpreting this data.

Sections of the Exported Results

The tabular format of Test Studio Load Test includes three different formats of data. In .XLSX format, these appear as different tables; in HTML, they appear in the same page.

Overall Test Statistics

This table provides data for all the sequential polling points for the load test. The Timestamp column displays the time when the data occurred.

HTTP Statistics by URI

This table provides timing, data and HTTP error count statistics for each URI over time.

  • Average Response Time (ms) - this column displays the average response time in milliseconds for requests to the URI.

Status Codes by URI

This table provides counts for each different HTTP status codes by sequence and URI.

  • Count - this shows the cumulative number of times an error code has been received for a particular URI.
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