Use T-SQL to Pull a Random Row from a SQL Database

I would like to use a single, random row of data for each execution of a test that is data bound to a SQL Database.


This is possible with T-SQL. Here's how to do it:

  1. Add a SQL Database Source to the project. Here's what the sample database looks like in SQL Server Management Studio Express:

    Create DB

  2. Bind the Test to the SQL Database. Here's what the Setup Binding dialog looks like before T-SQL is enabled:

    Bind test

  3. Check Use T-SQL. Enter the following code into the T-SQL Editor section and click Update:

    SELECT TOP 1 [Name], [City], [Email], [Message]
    FROM [myDataBase].[dbo].[table]
    Where Email Like '%domain%'
    • Line 1 indicates how many rows and which columns to use.

    • Line 2 indicates the database and table name.

    • Line 3 indicates whether to filter based on text matching criteria. In this case, since all entries in the Email column contain domain, all rows are returned.

    • Line 4 sorts the rows by a unique identifier, which essentially randomizes them in the database.

4.  Click Update again to see the randomization in action.

Random row

5.  The following test navigates to a site containing a sample contact form. Note that the Enter text steps already have the corresponding data columns Attached to Input Values.

Bind columns

6.  Run the test. A random row will be used to data drive the test each time you execute it.

Test execution

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