Download Test Studio Installation File

The Test Studio installation file can be downloaded from the Telerik official product page.

Download the Trial Test Studio

Test Studio offers a free 30 days full featured trial with included support. The download of the installation file can be initiated after you create your Telerik account.

Proceed with the standard installation process.

Download Test Studio Purchased Product

If you are already using Test Studio, you can check for updates in the product, download an available newer version and install it. Though, if you need to manually download an installation file of Test Studio including any previous version available for you, you can access these in your Telerik account following the below steps.

Open Your Telerik Account

Navigate to and login to your Telerik account.

Navigate to your Telerik account

Log In to your Telerik account

Find the Available Downloads

To find the latest available versions of Test Studio, including Service Packs and Latest Internal Builds, go to the Downloads page.

Your Account downloads page

Choose the Test Studio version you have purchased.

Test Studio purchased product

Choose the version you need to install (official release or internal build) and the file you want to download (*.msi or *.exe).

Choose the version to download

Proceed with the standard installation process.

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