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Configure a WPF Test

After adding a WPF test, you need to configure it for the application you intend to record tests against.


Configure WPF Test to Record the Specific Application

1.  Click the Configure button in the Test ribbon.


2.  The Configure WPF Application Path window appears. There are two options to determine the default application to launch when recording and executing this test. * WPF Application Path - drag and drop the shortcut icon into this text box, or click Browse and locate it manually. * Current Path Expanded - read-only display of full path if environment variables are used. * Use default path - whether to use the path set here or the default path set in Project Settings > General. * Active WPF Applications - Progress Test Studio detects all WPF apps currently running and lists them. Highlight the desired app and press Select Application. * Recording Options - set the default behavior whether to record window state changes.


* Click __OK__. If you need to later modify the WPF application path, choose __Configure__ from the toolbar.
* Hit __Record__ to launch the app with the recording toolbar docked at its bottom.


Notice that steps are added to the test as actions are taken within the application.

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