The General section displays miscellaneous settings for specialized circumstances.



The "Automation Overlay Surface" defines the highlight border color, border width and the amount of time before the Elements Menu displays.

Click the Border button to display a color selector and use the sliders to adjust Highlight Border Width and Menu Hold Time. Delaying the Elements Menu display can be helpful if you're trying to hover the mouse and the Elements Menu is popping up too quickly.



Represents the default application path for WPF tests. Once set, each test will use this path for recording and execution, unless Use default path is unchecked in the WPF test configuration dialog.

Connection settings

Use this feature to no longer receive certificate-related warnings when automating your HTTPS web application with Test Studio. See here for more information.

Http Proxy

This property allows the user to specify whether to use the HTTP proxy in Quick Execution.

Track Active File

This property is useful for large projects, which contain multiple tests. If enabled, this will highlight the currently opened and active test file within the Project Explorer.

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