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Provide Exploratory Testing Feedback

Click the Feedback button to expand the tool, provide comments, and send your assessment.


  • Title - type a brief and helpful title.
  • Description - write a summary of the issue.
  • Tags - flag your feedback:
    • Bug - configure a Bug Tracking application to submit a bug on export.
    • Important - indicates high priority.
    • Idea - indicates a suggestion for improvement.
  • Details - automatically attach the following hard-coded information:
    • Application - the process name of the current browser.
    • Window - the title of the browser window.
    • Date & Time - taken when the Feedback button was pressed.
  • Screenshot - include a browser image with notes:
    • Capture - take a screen shot of the entire browser.
    • Save - save the current capture. -Annotate - add a rectangular shape, text comment, and change the color of each.

Once finished, click Send and choose how to share your feedback:


  • Email - send a message using the default system email client. The subject, body, and attachment are filled in.
  • Export - save a Microsoft Word or HTML document containing the feedback to disk.
  • Submit as Bug - load the Submit Bug dialog and log a bug in your previously configured bug tracking application.
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