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Exploratory Testing

This feature is unable to launch for users with non-administrator rights. See here for a potential work-around.

Test Studio Explore is a small tool that will help you be more efficient in doing exploratory testing.

  • It leverages Test Studio's investment in bug tracking and image capturing to allow you to easily capture bugs and send feedback in your exploratory testing sessions.
  • The tool is designed to be light-weight, handy, and easy to launch and access.
  • Test Studio Explore is available in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

    • IE and Safari - the tool is automatically installed with Test Studio installation.
    • Firefox - the tool is deployed along with the Test Studio installation within the respective extension. NOTE: A working Exploratory testing extension is only available for Firefox versions 42 and previous due to the signed add-ons policy introduced for Mozilla browser in all newer versions.

    • Chrome - Download the Telerik Test Studio Chrome Explore extension and enable it to use the tool.

Exploratory Testing

There are four buttons on the Explore tool:

  • Move - click and drag to reposition the tool anywhere on the screen, even outside of the browser.
  • Feedback - provide comments on a web page and submit your assessment.
  • Help - launch this page with your default browser.
  • Close - exit the tool.
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