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Cannot Launch Exploratory Tool


I receive one of the following errors when attempting to launch the Exploratory Testing tool.

  • Internet Explorer: Feedback.Listener is not running!

  • Firefox: Cannot launch Telerik Exploratory Tool.

  • Safari: Telerik Exploratory Testing Extension NaN.

  • Chrome: Cannot launch Telerik Exploratory Tool.


Start the Feedback Listener process manually from the following location, then launch the tool again through the browser.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Test Studio\Bin\Feedback\Telerik.TestStudio.Feedback.Listener.exe

    The Exploratory Testing tool is currently unable to launch for users with non-administrator rights.

  • You may need to right click Telerik.TestStudio.Feedback.Listener.exe and select Run as Administrator. Then launch the browser in the same fashion.

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