Quick Execute Results

Let's look at an example of a Local Data Driven Test, run with quick execute, and how to view and interpret the results.

Here is a Web Test that:

  1. Navigates to http://www.google.com.
  2. Sets the search query to Telerik.
  3. Clicks the Search button.
  4. Verifies the text block description of the first result.

The fourth step is data bound to a local data table:

Local Test Data

Click the Run button in the Quick Execution ribbon. The test steps should execute three times, once for each row in the built-in grid.

  • The summary results read Fail 11 passed out of total 12 executed.
  • There were four test steps, executed for three iterations, once for each row of data.
  • Expand the drop-down menu to view the data used in each iteration.
  • Telerik and mobile app both existed in the element text that step four verified.
  • The data xyz did not exist in the element text so that iteration failed.

Test Steps

Click the blue View Log link to view:

  • The overall result
  • The result of each iteration
  • The data used to drive each iteration
  • Failure information

View Log

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