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Frames are automatically detected by Test Studio. When you record an action or verification on an element within a frame, Test Studio adds an additional frame node to the Elements Explorer.

Element explorer

A frame has its own properties which determine how it is located. The frame must be found first before the elements within it are located and acted upon.

Frame properties

The identification priority for a frame is as follows:

  • Id - the preferred frame identification method.
  • Name - used only if Id is not set.
  • Src - the frame's effective Src value, taking into consideration the UseQuery flag.
  • Index - Test Studio sees all Frames on the page in a flat list. Used as last resort; zero based.

When a frame cannot be found, you'll receive an error message like this:

Unable to find the target host (Browser/SilverlightApp) to locate an element. Failure: System.TimeoutException: Wait for condition has timed out at ArtOfTest.Common.WaitSync.CheckResult(WaitSync wait, String extraExceptionInfo) at ArtOfTest.Common.WaitSync.For[T,V](Func3 func, T target, V custom, Boolean invertCondition, Int32 timeout) at ArtOfTest.Common.WaitSync.For\[T,V](Func3 func, T target, V custom, Int32 timeout) at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.Browser.WaitForFrame(FrameInfo frameInfo, Int32 timeout) at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionUtils.GetFrameBrowserInstance(Browser topBrowser, FrameInfo frame, Int32 waitTimeout, String& stringError)

This is often due to a dynamic frame Id or Name. This is remedied by using the tilde (~) character to indicate a partial match. This can be used in the BaseURL, Id, and Name fields. If the Src string contains a dynamic query, set UseQuery to False.

Dynamic frame

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