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Open Git project in the terms of Test Studio is to be applied when one should open an existing remote repository containing a project for first time. This option will create a local copy of the remote project in the specified folder during establishing connection.

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Follow the steps to open a Test Studio project from remote Git repository.

1.  Launch Test Studio and click the Open button in the Source Control ribbon.


2.  The Source Control Type dialog appears. Select Git, fill in the appropriate information, click Connect and OK.

Two-step authentication flow for GitHub is supported using a personal token instead of the account password.

Connect to TFS

3.  Select a folder where the project will be cloned.


4.  The project and project files are now marked with a PLus icon. This indicates it is bound to Source Control.


5.  The Output panel includes Source Control tab where furhter useful info could be found while using the source control features.

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