Server Level Settings

Users with Server Level Permissions are in group: Server Administrator. The users in that group can modify server level settings that are global for all projects on the server. Below are the settings and actions that only server admins can manage.

Create Project

If you are a server administrator, a green button should be visible in Settings -> Projects for creating a project.

Manage Users

Only server administrators are allowed to create, edit and delete users. The others are allowed to edit only their own profiles.

Manage Custom Fields

Only server administrators are allowed to create, edit and delete custom fields. This page can be found in Settings -> Work Items -> Custom Fields.

Manage TeamPulse Extensions

Only server administrators are allowed to configure the Ideas and Feedback Portal cross-project settings.. These can be set in Settings -> Ideas & Feedback Portal. The settings include:

Manage TeamPulse Configuration Settings

TeamPulse configuration settings are the same for all TeamPulse projects. Only server administrators can see and modify these settings. To change them go to Settings -> Configuration.

TeamPulse Settings

These include:

Manage TeamPulse Integration Settings

Sync servers are also on server level and are global for all projects hosted on the server. Therfore only server administrators can add, edit or delete servers available for syncing projects. If a user does not have that permission he will still be able to modify the sync settings for a specific project as these are project level settings.

Managing Server Administrator Role

Server administrator is a role that gives permissions to perform all server level operations (those include all the the above mentioned).

Users with access to the Administration site can check who the server administrators are from the exposed column in the users grid.


Setting server administrator role is done from the create or edit user pages in the Administration site. When creating the first user, he is set to licensed and is granted server administrator rights.


Only licensed users can be granted the permission to be server administrators. Once a user is unlicensed his server administrator rights are removed.

In order to assure that there is always server administrator deleting or unlicensing the last server admin is not allowed.