Configure Attachment Settings

To configure the feedback portal attachments settings you should navigate to Settings -> Ideas & Feedback Portal -> Attachment Settings.

There are three types of settings available for customization:

  1. Maximum number of attachments. This setting defaults to 5 and can have a maximum value of 20. Setting its value to 0 will disable attachments in the portal.
  2. Maximum size of attachments. Use this setting to allow attachments up to that file size. Default value is 5mb and maximum value is 10mb.
  3. Restricted extensions. This is a list of space separated file extensions that are not allowed. To allow every file type just set this field to an empty string.

These settings will apply to attachments added to newly submitted feedback items and attachments added to user submitted comments.

After you have finished the customizations you should click the "Save Changes" button to update the attachments settings.