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Bookmark Action Overview

A bookmark action is a link that a user clicks to move to another area or report item in a report. To create a bookmark, set a bookmark on the destination report item and add bookmark action on report items that users should click to jump to the bookmarked report item. You can set bookmarks on any report item, including text boxes, images, charts, and gauges. You can add multiple bookmark actions to the same bookmark. To define a bookmark action add a NavigateToBookmarkAction on another report item/section.

How to Add a Bookmark Action

Adding a bookmark action using the Report Designer

  1. In Design view, right-click the report item to which you want to add a link and then click Properties.

  2. In The Properties dialog box for that report item, click Action.

  3. Select Navigate to bookmark. An additional section appears in the dialog box for this option.

  4. In the Target bookmark by Value textbox, type a bookmark or an expression that evaluates to a bookmark.

  5. Click OK.

  6. To test the link, run the report and click the report item with the applied Action. For TextBox items, it is helpful to change the style of the text to indicate to the user that the text is a link. For example, change the color to blue and the effect to underline by setting the corresponding Font properties of the TextBox.

Adding a bookmark action programatically

Telerik.Reporting.NavigateToBookmarkAction bookmarkAction1 = new Telerik.Reporting.NavigateToBookmarkAction();
textBox2.DocumentMapText = "MyBookMark";
bookmarkAction1.TargetBookmarkId = "MyBookMark";
textBox1.Action = bookmarkAction1;
Dim bookmarkAction1 As New Telerik.Reporting.NavigateToBookmarkAction()
textBox2.DocumentMapText = "MyBookMark"
bookmarkAction1.TargetBookmarkId = "MyBookMark"
textBox1.Action = bookmarkAction1

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