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REST API Reference Overview

The four main HTTP methods (GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE) are mapped to CRUD operations as follows:

  • GET retrieves the representation of the resource at a specified URI. GET has no side effects on the server.
  • PUT updates a resource at a specified URI.
  • POST creates a new resource. The server assigns the ID for the new object and returns this ID as part of the response message.
  • DELETE deletes a resource at a specified URI.

The API represents resources as hierarchical URIs to force the clients to use certain request sequences.

The reports API exposes the following methods:

Action HTTP method Relative URI
Register Client POST /api/reports/clients
Unregister Client DELETE /api/reports/clients/{clientId}
Keep Client Alive POST /api/reports/clients/keepAlive/{clientID}
Get Clients Session Timeout Seconds GET /api/reports/clients/sessionTimeout
Get Report Parameters POST /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/parameters
Resolve Report Instance POST /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances
Release Report Instance DELETE /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}
Resolve Document POST /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}/documents
Get Document Info GET /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}/documents/{documentId}/info
Get Document GET /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}/documents/{documentId}
Send Document POST /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}/documents/{documentId}/send
Get Document Page GET /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}/documents/{documentId}/pages/{pageNumber}
Get Document Resource GET /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}/documents/{documentId}/resources/{resourceId}
Apply Interactive Action on Document PUT /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}/documents/{documentId}/actions/{actionId}
Search in a Document POST /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}/documents/{documentId}/search
Release Document DELETE /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}/documents/{documentId}
Get Available Document Formats GET /api/reports/formats
Get Version GET /api/reports/version
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