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Send Document Overview


POST /api/reports/clients/{clientId}/instances/{instanceId}/documents/{documentId}/send

Path parameters

Name Type Description
clientId String ID of the service client. Returned from Register Client.
instanceId String ID of the report instance. Returned from Resolve Report Instance.
documentId String ID of the report document. Returned from Resolve Document.

Request Body



HTTP Status Code Description
501 Not Implemented The required reports controller method SendMailMessage is not implemented.
200 OK Document is send as an e-mail attachment.
410 Gone The specified clientId cannot be found (expired).
404 Not Found The specified instanceId or documentId cannot be found.


  • Request

    POST /api/reports/clients/2c3d/instances/4d3c/documents/5x3a/send HTTP/1.1
        "from": "",
        "to": "",
        "cc": "",
        "subject": "my mail subject",
        "body": "my mail body",
  • Response

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
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