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Node Click-Move-Click

As of Kendo UI R2 SP1 2023, users can reorder the TreeView's nodes by using the click-move-click functionality provided by the clickMoveClick` option. To start moving the node, users can click on it, and then click again to place the node in its new position.

    <div id="treeview"></div>
            dragAndDrop: {
                clickMoveClick: true
            dataSource: [
                { text: "Item 1", items: [
                { text: "Sub Item 1" },
                { text: "Sub Item 2" },
                ] },
                { text: "Item 2" }

Dragging and Dropping

When the drag-and-drop feature is enabled, the nodes of the TreeView can be dragged and dropped across all levels.

The functionality also features tooltips that help users indicate where the node will be dropped.

The following example demonstrates how to enable the drag-and-drop functionality for the TreeView nodes.

    dragAndDrop: true

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