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When you bind the TreeView through the dataSource configuration option, each item can acquire specific properties.

The following example demonstrates how to pass item properties to the TreeView. You can configure the text, imageUrl, spriteCssClass, and url fields through the datatextfield, dataimageurlfield, dataspritecssclassfield, and dataurlfield options respectively.

To add arbitrary fields when binding the TreeView, use the dataSource configuration. The fields are stored in the HierarchicalDataSource and can be easily accessed through the dataItem method of the component.

var item = {
    text: "Item text",

    // If specified, renders the item as a link (<a href=""></a>).
    url: "/",

    // Renders a <img class="k-image" src="/images/icon.png" />
    imageUrl: "/images/icon.png",

    // Renders an HTML attribute to the DOM element.
    attr: {
        "data-myattr": "test"

    // Renders a <span class="k-sprite icon save" />.
    spriteCssClass: "icon save",

    // Specifies whether the node text will be encoded.
    // Useful when rendering node-specific HTML.
    encoded: false,

    // Specifies whether the item is initially expanded.
    // Applicable when the item has child nodes.
    expanded: true,

    // Specifies whether the item is initially enabled.
    enabled: true,

    // Specifies whether the item checkbox is initially checked.
    // Applicable for items with checkboxes using the default checkbox template.
    checked: true,

    // Specifies whether the item is initially selected.
    selected: true,

    // Indicates the sub-items of the item.
    items: [
        { text: "Subitem text" }

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