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Keyboard Navigation

The keyboard navigation of the TaskBoard is always available.

The Kendo UI TaskBoard supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

Tab navigates to the TaskBoard
Left Arrow focuses the previous column or a card in the previous column
Right Arrow focuses the next column or a card in the next column
Up Arrow focuses the previous card
Down Arrow focuses the next card
Enter selects the focused card
Delete deletes the focused card
Ctrl+e puts the focused card or column in edit mode
Ctrl+a adds a new column or card

For a complete example, refer to the demo on keyboard navigation of the TaskBoard.

Register Shortcut

Additional shortcuts can be registered in the TaskBoard, with the registerShortcut client-side API method.

The following example demonstrates how to register a shortcut for focusing the last card in the TaskBoard.

var taskBoard = $("#taskBoard").data("kendoTaskBoard");

taskBoard.registerShortcut("*", {
    keyCode: "q",
    ctrlKey: true
}, {
    handler: function () {

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