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Search Tool

The TaskBoard has a built-in search tool in its toolbar that allows you to search through the cards data. The search tool uses filtering under the hood to show only the relevant cards that have titles matching the search text.

Enabling the Search Tool

The search tool is enabled by default. If the toolbar configuration is used to show additional tools, the search tool must be included in the toolbar items collection.

The following example demonstrates how to show the default tools along with a custom button.

    <div id="taskBoard"></div>

            toolbar: [
                "myCustomButton", // Custom button
            dataOrderField: "order",
            dataSource: [
                { id: 1, order: 1, title: "Task 1", description: "Description 1", status: "backlog", category: "red" },
                { id: 2, order: 2, title: "Task 11", description: "Description 11", status: "backlog", category: "red" },
                { id: 3, order: 3, title: "Task 2", description: "Description 2", status: "doing", category: "green" },
                { id: 4, order: 4, title: "Task 22", description: "Description 22", status: "doing", category: "green" },
                { id: 5, order: 5, title: "Task 3", description: "Description 3", status: "done", category: "blue" }
            columns: [
                { text: "Doing", status: "doing" },
                { text: "Backlog", status: "backlog" },
                { text: "Done", status: "done" }

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