Breadcrumb Overview

The Breadcrumb is an intuitive UI component that allows navigation within a folder structure or web page. It provides an easy way to navigate backwards by one or multiple steps.

Initializing the Breadcrumb

To initialize the Breadcrumb, use the <nav> tag.

The following example demonstrates how to initialize the Breadcrumb from an existing <nav> element.

    <nav id="breadcrumb"></nav>

            items: [
                    type: "rootitem",
                    href: "",
                    text: "All Components",
                    showText: true,
                    icon: "home",
                    showIcon: true
                    type: "item",
                    href: "/breadcrumb",
                    text: "Breadcrumb",
                    showText: true
                    type: "item",
                    href: "/index",
                    text: "Basic Usage",
                    showText: true

Functionality and Features

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