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You can edit the path set through the Breadcrumb component if the editable configuration is enabled. When you click in an empty area of the component or on the current page, the Breadcrumb will enter into editing mode. That will also happen when you enter press if the Breadcrumb is focused.

Editing mode shows an input field containing the current value of the component. Users are allowed to type a new path.

The below example demonstrates how to enable editing of the Breadcrumb.

    <nav id="breadcrumb"></nav>

            items: [
                { type: "rootitem", href: "", text: "Telerik UI", icon: "globe", showIcon: true, showText: true },
                { type: "item", href: "/navigation", text: "Navigation", icon: "cloud", showText: true, showIcon: false },
                { type: "item", href: "/breadcrumb", text: "Breadcrumb", showText: true },
            editable: true

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