Inserts a new pane before the specified one. The method returns the pane element, so it can be populated with arbitrary content, if contentUrl is not set. Invoking this method will force the widget to redraw and it will trigger the resize event.


config Object

The new pane configuration.

referencePane String|Element|jQuery

The existing pane before which the new one will be inserted.


<div id="splitter">
  <div>Pane A</div>
  <div>Pane B</div>
var splitter = $("#splitter").data("kendoSplitter");

// append a 100px collapsible pane before the last pane
var newPane = splitter.insertBefore({ size: "100px" }, ".k-pane:last");

// set the content of the new pane to "foo"


jQuery the pane element.

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