Loads the content of a pane from a local or remote URL.


pane String|Element|jQuery

The targeted pane whose content is to be loaded via a URL.

url String

A local or remote URL from which the content of the pane is to be loaded.

data Object | String

Any data that is necessary to be sent to the server.


<div id="splitter">
  <div id="pane1">Pane A</div>
  <div>Pane B</div>
var splitter = $("#splitter").data("kendoSplitter");

// load a complete page in the last pane
splitter.ajaxRequest(".k-pane:last", "https://www.telerik.com");

// load content into the pane with ID="pane1"
splitter.ajaxRequest("#pane1", "/customer/profile", { id: 42 });
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