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lineCap String (default: "butt")

The stroke line cap style.

Value Description
butt a flat edge with no cap
round a rounded cap
square a square cap

Example - Creating a drawing surface

<div id="surface"></div>
  var draw = kendo.drawing;
  var path = renderPath();

  function renderPath() {
    var path = new kendo.drawing.Path({
      stroke: {
        color: '#E4141B',
        width: 20,
        lineCap: "round"

    var start = new kendo.geometry.Point(100, 100);
    for (var i = 0; i < 15; i++) {
      path.lineTo(start.clone().translate(i * 20, 0));

    return path;

  var surface = draw.Surface.create($("#surface"));


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